Thursday, December 27, 2012

It Seems the War Goes On

Well, here we are, right after Chrissymouse. 
Turns out we were wrong - that Nikon thingie Mom 
got is a NEW Flashy Beast. Can you believe that??!

Our furriends tried to warn us, too.

In happier news, you can see us here enjoying our new
spot under the window. Mom got us this table,
made it comfy and pretty. We like it! And right beneath
it, you can see our fuzzy red blankie. That is especially nice.

Happy weekend!


  1. That looks like a GREAT spot by the window. Personally, I LOVE window spots. purrs

  2. I love your window spot... too bad your relaxation will be disturbed unendingly by the new camera.

  3. OMC ! That table with red curtain...Looks like " theater stage !"
    If you need " Handsome Super Star " please calls me

    ** Bath my body and tail, get ready *** tee..heh