Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whispering Wednesday

Kittehs! There is an unauthorized (by us) person in OUR HOUSE!
We're currently UTB, beaming our thoughts to our blog.

(This is a very special skill we can only use in moments of great need).

Well, Mom says she had to authorize this intrusion to fix stuff in
her Giant Litterbox Room. sniff. 

We are still highly displeased.
This has completely wrecked our sleep schedule for the day.

Plus, there is SOMEONE IN OUR HOUSE!


  1. We always send out Binga to check out the intruder. Of course, she has no taste and no fear and she always approves whoever it is. She is not the best judge of character!

  2. I hate it when there are intruders in the house. Eric is a tart though and has to make friends with everybody in case they have food.

  3. Gracie is of the opinion that EVERYBODY is an intruder in her house. She does not suffer most people very well. *sigh*

  4. Ooh, we HATE when introoders come in our house! We go UTB, too!

  5. Ewww, we bet they leave mysterious introooder smells behind too. You'll need to whiff those all up and make the place yours again. Purrs...

  6. We feel your pain. We hate it when aliens get into the house!

  7. If you need a paw, call me !
    I'm expert to get rid off the intruder !

  8. That is so wrong... so very very wrong...
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  9. You poor babies. UTB is the bestest place to be. Let us know if we should teleport over for backup!

  10. we had a lot of nasty persons like that here recently. Keep calm and it will pass.
    Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

  11. I agree. Strange humans are never tolerated! My tactic to throw them out: mewing constantly and breaking their belongings.