Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not the Best Caturday

I think I look out of sorts here. Do you think I look out of sorts here?

It's probably because my Mom stuffed me into the stupid PTU
and forced me out of my nice warm home, into the cold,
so stupid people at the Stabby Place could poke and prod me.

And they said mean things. Like my teeth are no longer in
purrfect condition, and Mom says next year I will need
something called a "dental". I don't think that sounds so good.

They also said my weight was.... I'm not telling. A ladycat need
not reveal her age or her weight, and I'm not meowing a word.
But they want me to lose some, just like Toby. This is so

I'm DEFINITELY out of sorts here.


  1. I'm sorry you had to go to the mean place.
    My gang hates it there.
    They growl and hiss.
    I always tell the vet that they really are nice but not when they are there.

    Relax for the next week.
    A few new toys would help.

  2. The Gs do not enjoy going to see Dr. Tad, but they love Dr. Tad. And only my gal Gracie is the purrfect weight. And Grayson. OK. Only Gandalf is a little bit over his ideal weight. By a lot. :) Ask him if he cares. bahahahaha!

  3. OMC, that sounds exactly like what happens to me! I need shots, I need to have my teeth cleaned, I need to lose weight, blah blah blah. Simply dreadful.

    Well, I hope you got some extra love for that ordeal!

  4. Leia, I don't blame you for being out of sorts - going to the vet is bad enough in the first place, but then being insulted while you are there!!! Sheesh.

  5. well that is just mean..... we would be out of sorts too..... take a nap - that helps us feel better :)

  6. Well, apparently stupid vets are all over the world because ours said the same, grossly unflattering things about some of US! Get some rest and plot revenge...

  7. Going to VET is Crap !!!
    and Watch Out the Evil Scale !...Always Liar !!!
    Look !!! My pawrents put me on diet after seeing the VET, and now they reduce my food in half ! and Evil Scale still said I didn't lost any weight !!!

  8. Why do all those scales lie like that?
    I look in the mirror and, probably just like you, know that I'm gorgeous! They don't know what they're talking about-mol

  9. Being stuffed into the PTU is never a fun thing.

  10. You do not look at all happy about your visit to the vet. It was very rude of them to say you need to lose weight.

  11. We don't blame you! We don't like the stabby place either.

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Well that would put anybody out of sorts! Maybe a nice nap will help. Happy Monday! XOXO

  13. Hope they get you on the right track and feeling great!