Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our New Rug

Well, Mom took away some toys,
which we were miffed about.

But today she brought home this
PAWSOME new rug. We let her
know right away that it was ours!

She said they were about to
throw it away at work, so
she took it.


  1. We need a new rug! Not because of us kitties, either - the humans have worn it out with all their exercising on top of it!

  2. What a find! We love it. Good job of claiming :-)

  3. AFter a little furring, it will be purrfect!

  4. That's a terrific rug and what a bonus to get it for free! Wow, can't believe they were going to throw it out.

    Now, you just need to yak up a hairball or two, or maybe use it for toilet paper (or we can send Nicki over to do that for you).

    1. It belonged to a retired employee. New Employee wanted her own look for the office. It's at least ten years old, but looks like it's new.

  5. Oh, that is a big score! What a terrific rug. And great job letting the Mom know it is YOURS! :)