Monday, September 23, 2013

My Determination

Here I am, demonstrating one of kitteh-kind's most Special Rules:

1. No matter how good the sleep spot, it's ALWAYS better with Mom's (or Dad's) clothes on it.

Awhile back, Mom put out these clothes for me to use, on a permanent basis. And that was really nice, I always sleep there.

But yesterday, she added these awesome jeans to the mix. Only now she says
it was an accident, she just tossed them there for a moment, but since I have clearly
appropriated them, it seems only just to let me keep them.

I'm determined on this matter. This is my determined face. Do you see it?


  1. You do look *very* determined!

    But...Your mom put out clothes for you to lie on permanently? Are you serious? Wow. We get lots of comfy blankets, but definitely no clothing. You're lucky!

    BTW, we see that Blogger has changed the look of its comment form. It's fine, but we wonder why they must constantly muck about with what's already fine. LOL.

  2. Well, duh - she put them there. They are yours now.

  3. Hmm, looks like someone needs to go shopping for new jeans!

  4. Of course they're yours! Isn't everything? Me-Ommmmmm

  5. WE see it, and you are SO right. Those jeans are YOURS now. :)

  6. Yup, furry determined. We're convinced!