Monday, February 9, 2015

A Few Found

Mom found some old pictures she had saved on her work computer. We agreed to let her share a few of them:

 The infamous Bunny Ear Episode. I only let this happen since I was carefully watching Cousin Max.


That's me up in the closet. I was such a good climber, 
couldn't keep me out of anywhere I wanted to be.
I don't... uh... do a lot of climbing these days.
Totally could if I WANTED to, though.

Us on OUR futon. Which we don't have any more.


And this is us as wee ones. As you can see, Leia was just a 
wide eyed girl kitten of about 6 months. 
She hadn't been with us long at all and wasn't too sure of anything yet.

*** Mom said she had no idea how big I'd get.  :)
I was just a ball of floof when I adopted her.


  1. Well, we just love these photos. Say, we read that your mom erased her hard drive. There is an excellent recovery tool she might want to try. It's from IsoBuster (, and it was the only sw that actually recovered some Very Important Work of Mom's. It can't hurt for your mom to try it--we're pretty sure she can try before she buys to make certain recovery is possible.

    Pee Ess: We are not affiliated with that company and don't even get treats for it--we just know our mom's been in a similar fix and this worked for her.

  2. Those are lovely photos. It is nice to look back on the older ones.

  3. These are awesome photos! Although you don't look too thrilled in those bunny ears, MOL!

  4. Ha! We so enjoy Blasts from the Past!

  5. Cute pics! But we're not sure about those bunny ears. ;)

  6. What adorable flashback photos! You two were really little when you adopted the Mommy.