Friday, April 22, 2016

Finally Friday - And we don't need no stinkin' RULEZ!

Moms can sure be fussy sometimes. Ours is pretty laid back but she has one firm rule - NO biteys. Sometimes though, it's too tempting. Those lil fingers so close, and especially when she wants to stop with the head scritches BEFORE I'm ready. If I give in to temptation, she walks away. Meanie.

I don't even bite that hard, ya'll. Sighs. Wuss.

And now for OUR big surprise - Auntie Mary arrives tomorrow! We had no idea. Mom sat down with us last night and explained she will be with us for a week. And she asked us to be nice, too.

But.. but... Mom.... she's going to be sleeping on MY bed! I thought hoomins weren't allowed there?!

Happy Caturday to all our furriends.

PS: due to the whole vacation thing next week, we may not be commenting or posting much.


  1. Toby darlin' since this is true confession says I must tell you every so often I do the same thing. I try to tell her my mouth is like her hands..I use it to reach things. She isn't buying my story. It doesn't happen often but anyway there is it good buddy...I didn't want you to feel like the lone ranger.
    Enjoy Auntie Mary and remember Aunts are special so no biting.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. My Toffee occasionally gets a fit of the biteys! Those little teeth are sharp! We always forgive her, though.

  3. Sometimes we give our mom love nips. She doesn't usually mind, except with Izzy. She has to constantly remind him, "Use your little teeth." I guess his pointy ones hurt.

    Have fun with your Aunty Mary! And you probably shouldn't give her any love nips unless she asks you to.

  4. Toby...please forgive my mom's unNIMBLE fingers...good thing we came back..(because all of a sudden your Orangeness popped in her head) she though oooops that was not Toby that was Miss Leia...
    Madi and the old gray mare

    1. Forgiven! It's a natural mistake, Toby is the usual brat here. Leia is a lady but she has her moments....

  5. My human has a no biting rule too... which Binga ignores. How awesome that you get a visitor!

  6. Have fun with your Aunt Mary! We have one of those, too!

  7. Have a great time with your Auntie- don't bite her though :)

  8. Sounds like you have to share the bed with your auntie, Leia. But I'm sure she appreciates it and gives you lots of treats and scritches :-) Have a fun time together!

  9. Maybe Aunt Mary will come bearing treats!

  10. Aunty Mary!?!?
    I YOUR bed!?!?
    Let's hope she does not snore...
    Has a good vacation!

  11. A human in your bed, Leia? That means it will be more warm and snuggly! Have fun with Auntie Mary. :)

  12. Connor likes to do the bite thing too. He says he can't help it! Have a fun time with Auntie Mary!

  13. Tell mom you aren't doing a bitie, you are you doing love nips