Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mancat Monday / We're BAAACKKKK

Dear Furriends,

You can't imagine how awful this past week was! And the worst part - the very worst-est part! - was that Mom and Auntie Mary went off and LEFT US!! For days and days and days (Mom: 1.5 days. It was an overnight trip, Tobers) we were left alone.

Except - and this is also a really bad part - Mom hired a PET SITTER to come in. A pet sitter! Seriously, what the fluff, Mom? We are most definitely not pets. We are cats. While Mom & Co. were off without us (and we assure you, purrmission was not granted for this unauthorized absence, not that we were consulted at all) having fun in a far off land, we were left to our own amusements and had to suffer the indignity of a stranger in our house three separate times. That woman even tried to talk to us. Leia, that traitorous wench, actually sniffed her fingers. It was reported that *I* acted like a proper cat and gave her The Hideous Stare of Doom (trademark pending. I plan to franchise it).

However, we begin this week as normal. Auntie Mary has returned whence she came and our routine has been restored. I need a very long, long, long nap to make up for all this!

Toby, you are becoming a major drama llama, anyone ever tell you that?

Ok, so the hoomins went off to Charleston, SC last week. And saw these guys
(and I'll let her tell the rest):

We took a mule drawn carriage ride throughout the historic district. Beautiful place, and I recommend it to anyone who loves the past. Beware of the heat and humidity, and especially in season hotel prices. All of which skyrockets. Parking is just impossible; plan on a lot of walking, even if you are willing to pay to park. We left our car at the hotel garage and took it out again when we left for home. They do have bike taxis. Everyone sells cold bottled water for $2 per. You will want that, trust me.

I love the way the residents manage their small yards and courtyards. 

One last, but very important BEWARE: bedbugs. We found one in our hotel room. 
No surprise, it's a heavily traveled city, with people from everywhere. 
The manager handled it superbly so I won't name the place, but be careful if you go.

Happy Monday!


  1. We "ha roo"ed out loud over "What the fluff"! We're going to have to use that one!
    I can't believe your mom left you that long! Are you OK? Did she bring you any tunas or anything? Our mom was gone for a LONG time and it was horrible! Well, OK, it was more like 5 hours and Dad stayed with us the whole time, but STILL! How could she go somewhere without US?!?!?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  2. I have to confess: we all love our pet sitter! Although I much prefer when I can accompany my human on her out-of-town journeys. Even Boodie hangs out when she comes over. Your human's trip looked like fun!

  3. We're glad you survived the trauma. Usually pet sitters will give you extra foods and treats. We hope yours accommodated you.

  4. Sorry you kitties had to suffer while your Mom had fun.
    I am so paranoid about bed bugs, I don't go away often, but I always check the bedbug registry to see if there were any reports.It sounds like a great trip other than that though.

    1. I found the registry when I was researching for the trip, but there was no mention of this hotel on it. The room was clean and I did check the beds before we settled in. It was just one of those unfortunate encounters.

  5. Oh, the horrors of being left for DAYS, with a PET sitter to take care of you. :-) I'm glad your mom and auntie had a good time. I have never been to Charleston, but it looks like a place I'd enjoy.

  6. What a great trip your humans had! We are glad you survived being with that pet sitter, Toby and Leia. What an ordeal!

  7. Ha, ha! Poor pussycats - but I bet The Hideous Stare of Doom put those hoomins in their place.
    That's Purrfect
    Around My Kitchen Table

  8. Egads...I'm traveling this weekend, and the bedbug thang is always in my mind! Lucky for our kitties, The Hubby will be home, so everyone will continue on their normal routine. Except for litter box patrol; I'm on it daily; The Hubby not so much.

  9. Oh Toby, how could they? You were abandoned! Sounds like they had a good time away, though except for the bedbug!!!!

  10. Well, the good thing is that the long abandonment is all over now an ya can get back ta normal!

  11. This cracked mom up:"That woman even tried to talk to us. Leia, that traitorous wench, actually sniffed her fingers. It was reported that *I* acted like a proper cat and gave her The Hideous Stare of Doom (trademark pending. I plan to franchise it)."

    Good for you Toby don't let 'that woman' thank she is in charge.
    Once my sitter left a note for mom that said, "I didn't see madi at all yesterday; however, when I arrived today her food was gone. As I was leaving today I finally saw her sitting in the bed in the front room, she was looking at me very sternly". Toby I think that must be the stare of doom!!

    Mom and Dad love Charleston too. However, they recommend only going in the winter or very early spring...cause it is hot as blue blazes there. Sounds like your mom and aunty picked the purrfect time.
    Staring foundly,
    madi your bfff

    1. The weather was great but it was right on the edge of being too warm. The next trip will be late fall or early, early spring.

  12. OH....:shudder: Mom said she and her sons went to a graduation in NC and there was a bedbug in the bedding in brother's room. Mom's was free of them that she could see but she thought of it all night. Ewwwww.