Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy Caturday

As you can see, we're working hard on settling in, helping Mom unpack, and stuff like that.

But, we are very tired now, and are taking a well deserved rest. 
Mom has a few things she wants to share, 
so we hope everyone has a wonderful Caturday.

Mom's Notes:

I wanted to share what I could of our trip, in case someone else needs to make one.

Best advice? DON'T!! I'm pretty sure I lost a few years off the end of my life doing this.

In case you have to - 

1. I bought a medium size dog crate, plenty of room for them and a small disposable litter box.

2. I sedated the cats, with a trial run the week before. Ace - something or other. 
Had roughly the same effect that a Nyquil dose would have on us. 
I am very glad I did this, for their comfort. I used a towel sprayed 
with Feliway draped on their cage too. I was reluctant to use the medication but am very glad I did.

3. I insisted that the cats never be left alone in the vehicle.
I wanted eyes on them the whole time. When we all stopped for lunch, 
I stayed in the car with the cats.

4. I had water in their crate, but they never used it. I tried to convince them, but they would have none of it. Toby used the box once, while the car was moving. Leia pretty much never moved from her spot from behind Toby, but eventually she too... well.... there was clean up involved later. 

5. Maybe the most important aspect: Temperature monitoring.
I chose the time of the year for its mildness, and we were blessed with very overcast skies
until three hours to home. We hit Florida and the heat increased. I kept having to stop so I could readjust and keep the sunspots from hitting them, especially Toby. After our experience with heat stroke, I no longer trust either of them to move under such extreme emotional circumstances.

Towels and blankets were essential in keeping the sun from getting to them. We had plenty of AC and I kept sticking my hand in the cage to make sure the air wasn't too warm. If anything, I may have kept it a bit on the colder side. By the end, I could barely see the cats because of the coverings.

I also took a battery operated fan. I used it during our lunch stop. Just in case. 

And that's the story of our Big Moving Adventure. We're settled in now,
I'm unpacking a LOT of boxes and every night they are a bit calmer.


  1. They are so lucky to have you care so much about them! I really know what you are going though as I transported my 4 previous cats from South Korea to Canada (via airplane obviously) and then years later I brought 3 cats and a dog with me to South Africa and then back again to Canada 2 years later - I actually had to take tranquilizers (not joking) as I had nightmares about what could happen to them and it was one of the most stressful experiences of my life (though they all arrived safely) Good job! ps that green chair almost look like the Lazyboy Zulu and Frodo love so much!

  2. It sounds like you really took care of Toby and Leia during the trip! We haven't had such a long trip by car - the one time we went nearly eight hours, my human said, "Never again, we're flying!" - but when it's during warm weather, she always cranks the air conditioner so that it's pretty much uncomfortably cold for her, but good for me!

  3. That's great moving advice ... I've been through it, so I know. I'm glad I'm not the only one who refused to leave the cats by themselves in the car ... my ex-husband thought I was being ridiculous. I'm glad that your move happened safely! I'm still chuckling over Toby's hiding spot.

  4. Sounds like you really thought everything through. I was wondering how you would deal with meals/potty breaks. I am glad you always had eyes on the kitties. I have a rule to never leave mine alone in the car even for a minute, you never know what can happen.

  5. It sounds like you were very thorough in ensuring their comfort. I hope you are all settling in well now.

  6. We're glad the trip went fairly smoothly. Their experience sounds a lot like what our mom's old cats had. We hope everything settles for good soon!

  7. Toby and Leia....we are especially glad about your mom insisting that you not be left in the car alone. Just in today's paper there was an article about a sweet dog name Scarlett who was left for just a moment while her owner went in to a quick mart. Someone stole her out of the car in Durham.

    I agree with all you did and so glad it worked well as far as the slight calming and the towel draped cage. In the end it was all for the very best because you both look very good and happy.
    Years ago My human uncle adopted two sister kitties when he moved to Syracuse for work. Then he got a job as a prof. at NCSU in the 1987. He and the kitties drove from Syracuse to Raleigh. This was before too much was done with tranquilizers for kitties. They sang the song of their people the entire 87 hours. MOL They lived with my Gma while uncle was looking for a house. Mom told me the kitties literally exchanged personalities after that trip and they slept under the bed for several weeks only coming out at night.
    BUT in the end they were okey dokey fine but it was traumatic....oh and another thing Uncle had no a/c in his car 'cause it was purchased in Syracuse so it was kinda hot too.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. You definitely took great precautions and it paid off. We're glad everything went well and everybuddy is settling in.

  9. You prepared for the move very thoroughly and kept the kitties as comfortable as possible! It must have been really tough for you but glad you are all settling in now :-)

  10. we are really glad you made it all safely.

  11. Great advice, Mom! You really took great care of Toby and Leia during your journey. Glad you're there, and getting settled in now. :)


  12. What a big adventure!!! We are glad you arrived safe and sound!! xx

  13. Wow. You two look like you're working WAY too hard!
    Please don't over-do!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  14. Thanks for giving us some great information! Just taking Chuck for a vet visit on Friday was enough to wear my nerves to a frazzle...and that was only a 20 minute drive one way!