Sunday, August 20, 2017

Breaking News!! "I Rule" - Leia

I, Leia, may be a tiny Princess but I will bite you in three pieces and 
run off with the biggest part to eat. 

Mom didn't know until today, but I knew - there was a lizardy thing in here.
I've been carefully, patiently, monitoring the situation the last couple of nights.

Today, Mom saw the wriggler in the kitchen and well... she's not like me, she has no hunting ability, only the very polished ability to freak out over stuff. But her useless efforts did alert me it was time to head back into the kitchen and deal with this once and for all.

And I did. It took about two hours of patiently sitting in the kitchen, 
mostly by the fridge where Mom saw it scurry under, until it emerged and ...

P O U N C E!! Splat! Kow Pow! EPIC battles!

Tail in TWO pieces, not one, but was I distracted by those wiggly bits?

NOOOOOO... I knew to go right for the big piece, where all the good stuff is.

And then I grabbed it and ran off to the bedroom to show Toby, and possibly to share with him.
Unfortunately Mom saw me scamper by with my prize. 
I dropped it, she grabbed a throw to toss over it and scoop it up, 
where it was deposited outside.

 (this is my disappointed face)

Drat. I am getting very high praise though, so that's something.

And Toby? Well....

He made an appearance after the fact to see what the fuss was all about. 
And just between us, he's got about as much hunting ability as Mom does!

I rule. - Leia

as far as I know, the lizard is still alive. The tails are made to come off, and I didn't kill him, just tossed him out the back door. Please, never come back.


  1. Gosh Leia, what gives, that was your -um-lizard bit?
    What right does your Mom have!?

  2. Wow, Leia! That was some mighty fine hunting! You DO rule!

  3. I am embarrassed to admit that my human is a MUCH better lizard catcher than I am! She found one in the bathroom a few weeks ago, and released it outside. She did let me watch, though.

    P.S. She even was able to keep the tail whole!

  4. Well done Leia, you are a Mighty Huntress! Flynn would have been proud of you.

  5. OH my mom hates when lizards come on in from under the storm door or by the place it's fastened onto the door jamb She is like your mom. I have to deal with it for her. What would they do without us Queen Leia?

  6. Sometimes I wonder if those tails have perforations or something...

    Salute my friend
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Leia, we always knew you ruled! We are very impressed with your skills!

    We have lizards here but they don't come in. They're all girls and probably too smart, so maybe that's why they stay out.

  9. Mom, I hope you didn't tell Leia this about the lizard still being alive. I'm sure she'll be even more disappointed. Hooray for Leia! I killed a lizard once and the big guy found the evidence later (they didn't even know there was a lizard in the house). He screamed like a girl. It was great.

  10. Leia, you are a bad-a**! We had a big cricket in the house last year, and all Angel and Chuck could do was point at it, so the humans could take care of it!

  11. guyz.....cranbereez ...for all we noe that bass terd waz a gobbler ree croot....faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... ♥♥♥☺☺

  12. Patient and swift, you are such a good hunter, Leia! Too bad your lizard was taken away! Your face says how disappointed you are... Hopefully another lizard will visit you soon :-)

  13. Good job Leia! You definitely rule.

  14. Boys are so useless, aren't they Leia?!?! Didn't even lift a paw! If a girl wants something done, she has to do it herself. We bet the lizard didn't even see you coming. How rude that your Mom took away your prize for hard work! I would've done the same thing ... but I always feel bad about it.

  15. Leia! Most pawsome news! And you know, humans often do that with our prey...even my Mommy will let the mice go...or so Kozm tells me!