Saturday, May 18, 2019

For Crockett

Today, we honor the sweet and much lamented Crockett from Lone Star Cats.

He was famed for his tongue razzies; I was always a big fan of those.
Never seen a cat do them with such style and enthusiasm.

He passed a few days ago in a tragic accident. It's incredibly unfair that such a young, healthy being should have to leave so soon, but so much of life is accepting the inexplicable.

To his family, I offer my deepest condolences. I, along with many in the blogosophere, mourn with you. We share our stories, and our pictures, and our heartaches. And our losses. He may have lived with you, Lone Star, but in a very small way he was ours too. 

Angelique and Travis, please take good care of your people. I hear Angie is already doing an especially good job of that. Travis, I know you miss your BFF terribly. 

Orange has long been one of my favorite colors but I actually don't have anything orange to wear,
but in my heart, I am all over orange, I promise you.

- Cathy


  1. Cathy what an loving and so very well said tribute to our ginger friend
    Crockett who really and truly left us too soon at 5 years old.
    Sending lots of hugs to you too as you know all too well the pain of losing dear furry family members.
    Hugs Cecilia
    PS HOT HOT and HOTTER in Dixie for the next 7 days. We have
    shades down and plan to hibernate tomorrow as the temps reach 90's and high humidity

    1. Yep, the temps here are set to be blistering too. Especially next week. Hibernation sounds like an awesome plan.

  2. This is such a lovely and heartfelt tribute to Crockett. He will be missed by so many.

  3. Thank you for remembering Crockett, but that's a picture of me (Travis), not him. He was a darker orange.

  4. Beautiful post for Crockett. XO

  5. What a lovely and special tribute to Crocket, Cathy. We're sending heartfelt purrs and prayers to his family.

  6. Beautiful tribute to Crockett. Purrs

  7. We are so sorry to hear about Crockett. He will missed terribly. Your tribute is so heartfelt and beautiful xo

  8. I thought I had been here already but I see I must have read the post in the phone as I was walking and failed to answer. It was a terrible blow to learn about sweet Crockett. I love those little ones. They and their mammas are a joy each day.