Sunday, June 21, 2020

Neko Atsume

I'm not personally a fan of video or computer games, so when my roommate (the one who has two feet) reccommended this app called Neko Atsume, I was reluctant. But yesterday, I downloaded it. 

It is VERY cute.

It's not really a game. You don't do much, and neither do the cats. There is a yard where you place food and toys, and bags, etc. if see if they come. They won't if you are watching, you have to close it and come back periodically to see if you've been visited by a feline.

When they are there, you can take pics of them if you want for their album. Sometimes they leave you gifts, in return for the stuff you left out for them, and you can use that to "buy" more stuff. You can also use real money to buy things, but I'm not doing that. So far I've been visited by six felines. 

I have an Android. I don't know if there is an iPhone version.

Anyway, it's adorable and gentle and very low key. Who among us doesn't get all gooey when we see a lovely kitteh???


  1. You know I have always avoided computer games except a few. But this one my interest right off the bat!

  2. That sounds like such a cute game! I just checked, and there IS an iOS version. :)

  3. I got it for my iPhone. Have a question though...

  4. That is so cute! I gotta check it out :-)

  5. Oh yeah, I get gooey around kitties too!

  6. this does sound like a fun game; will have to visit google and see if iphone supports it !! :) ☺☺♥♥

  7. I don't have a smartphone ... but if I did ... you know I'd be playing this 24/7 and ignoring my real cats (not really ... but I do get a one track mind sometimes and miss the forest for the trees).

  8. Ahhhhhh too sweet.
    My grandkitty, Frisco, loves play some kinda game on his mom's old iPad.
    He might be in need of an intervention. MOL MOL
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Sorry I missed this post, that does sound fun.