Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cornelius, Negotiator

Good morning! We have a conundrum here at Chez Whiskeratti.  So the Lady asked me to see if I could help....

Two days ago a noisy stranger showed up and scared my bestie Toby ... wait.... whispers... ok, Toby was really checking security upstairs, he wasn't scared at all. Anyway, when Mom went looking for him, she found him where he shouldn't have been.

This lovely lady is Chloe, of The Secret Life of Pets fame. She graciously agreed to create a dramatic re-enactment of where Toby was found. (We're lucky to have her, she's quite the talented actress!). "Save it green boy, I'm just here for the cream puffs".

Toby, being the brilliant (and motivated) feline he is, neatly bypassed the first two stair blockades,
but he couldn't manage to actually get into the attic itself.  So he perched here.
Until the Lady dragged him down and - this is where the problem arises -
shut the bedroom door entirely. Now nobody can get in. 

Not while it's brutally hot. We can't risk another Medical Adventure.

And this is really ticking off the Princess, she of the snout smacking tendencies.
She can't go in and lounge on the bed as she loves to do. So she's mad at my bestie.

And my boy Toby isn't happy about being denied access either. 

On the plus side.... I think Chloe kinda likes me!

Hmm... I could like you a whole lot more if you ordered me a pizza...


  1. Oh Toby and Leia I hear you we cats do not, I repeat, do not like closed doors. I'm currently happily sitting in my blog office with the door open.but as soon as the door is shut I'm not happy.
    Golly gee your city has had some fierce heat this week. Stay out of the attic or any hot rooms.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. Oh! My! Cat! Yous has been denied access to bed because of a boy cat!!!!
    Mes would lay some smacky paws on him!

  3. A closed door! That's criminal.

  4. This doesn't sound fair. A cat is supposed to be adventurous, right?

  5. We can't get into our mom's bedroom either. Ever. :-( She *claims* she needs one place in the house not engulfed in fur. Can you imagine?

  6. Oh. Well, yeah, but it's safer with the door closed ... so ... you know. Safety first and all that.
    You and Chloe look mighty cute together!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. A closed door? Isn't there some sort of law against that? It looks like Chloe likes you a lot!

  8. We're with you! No door should ever be closed. No matter what!

    Cornelius, you and Chloe make a cute couple. ;)

  9. Closed doors are a good idea until ya can find the problem...

  10. Oh, no! I'm sorry Toby and Leia have to endure the closed door. However, safety first, always. It's better even though princess may get a little more smacky :-)
    Chloe is very cute! Have a happy weekend!

  11. a closed door is a horrible thing.. hopefully those open up soon and maybe a pizza for a little distraction

  12. Closed doors are just soooooo tempting! We whine at closed doors just in case Mom & Dad are having a party without us.
    Your pals, Bentley & Pierre

  13. Better to have them be a little upset than get overheated again. You make a cute couple :)

  14. Now this sounds like a serious predicament, for sure. Any updates?