Monday, July 18, 2016

Mancat Monday

So last night, I sensed that Mom needed MEGA cat help making up the bed.

So I helped. And then Leia helped. And we both kept helping. Because that's just how we are.

For some reason Mom just wasn't that receptive to our helpfulness.
Sure, it stretched out into the half hour mark or more,
but so what ? And would you believe she gave up and
started making up the bed around us??

So of course we had to move.
We did eventually come back, but darn, we were worn 
OUT with all of our helpfulness.

Ungrateful hoomins.


  1. Ya You!! keep at her until she gets it right. No wrinkles are allowed on the sheets. I'm especially fond of laying on my back under the sheets with my feets in the air. We love your bed headboard
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom.

  2. Raz helped Mom yesterday.....she sometimes is not as appreciative as she SHOULD be.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Wowzers! Are you two Working Breed Cats?!?!? Awesome. You'd think your mom would show a little appreciation for your hard work, though. You deserve tunas. Really.
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Sometimes hard work goes unappreciated! Bummer, I know.

  5. Excellent job helping out!

    Thank you so much for celebrating my 10th Birthday with me! Purrs, Dragonheart

  6. Peeps. MOUSES! You know, peeps are ALWAYS sayin' stuff like, "You wouldn't like to help with....?" and then when you DO help. Hmmm... MOUSES!


  7. I help my mom too, and it's so fun. She throws toys and I chase them, but then I come back on the bed. Signed, Ringo

  8. Our mom is the same way! In fact, now she doesn't let us help AT ALL.

  9. Humans never appreciate our help. Sheesh. We're gonna just stop helping and see how they like that.

  10. LOL, oh, how typical. You work and work for your hoomins so hard, and they are so ungrateful!