Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Things That Happened Tuesday (on Monday)

First, we want to extend our deepest sympathies to Random Felines in the loss of their tiny foster boy, Trillium.

Yesterday, Toby was rushed off to the vet because of almost-heatstroke. I found him in the attic after a repairman left, his paws and forelegs covered in sweat, panting, and not wanting to come to me. They gave him fluids and monitored him for the afternoon. I was told that when I went to pick him up, there was difficulty in getting him out of the cage. He wanted to take off their faces at that point.

Had I not been home that day because I wasn't feeling well, had it just been my landlord waiting with the repairman, this would have been a very different post. When he got home, he kept walking around, totally stressed, panting. Eventually he calmed down and wanted me to cuddle him.

And poor Leia STILL has no idea what all the fuss was about!

** PS: Toby is now banned from the attic. I expect some protesting of this executive decision.
PPS: I killed my car battery getting him to the vet as soon as possible. I rushed in and... was emotional, let us say. This was not "put me in line and I'll wait". This was RIGHT NOW!!!!


  1. Oh my word I'm so sorry for you and Toby that was a most horrible event. Thank goodness you are home. Sending hugs.
    I man I worked with let workers in years ago to repair a damaged wall. He was sure his older cats would stay hidden. When he got home he heard meowing coming from the wall. Yep a cat got in the wall before the sheet rock was put up. All ended well.
    Hugs and here is to a new day
    Madi and Mom

  2. oh my goodness.. I can't even begin to imagine what you were going through.. okay I can try, but my brain immediately starts to shut down saying 'no no no, we don't want to think about that'

    I am SOO glad you found him in time and he is doing better..

  3. Oh my word! I am so glad this has a happy ending.

  4. Oh, gosh, how scary. I'm so sorry that happened. But I'm so glad you were at home and he is okay now. Hugs to you xoxo

  5. What a relief that you were there to rush Toby to the vet! My human totally knows what you were going through - she would have been beside herself, to put it VERY mildly!

  6. Oh, Toby!!!! Thank God you're OK! We're sorry your mom wasn't feeling well that day, but thankful at the same time since it meant she was THERE!!! WHEW!!! So scary!!!
    Sending head-butts to you and husky hugs to your mama!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. thanks for the purrs about Trillium.

    How scary for you and Toby!! Glad he is OK!

  8. That was really scary! I am glad you found Toby in time.

  9. That is awful! I am glad you got home in time to get him to the vet and that he is OK.

  10. OMC, how very scary for you both! We are so glad things turned out the way they did and Toby's OK.

  11. Oh poor Toby! We're so glad he's okay.

  12. I am so sorry this happened! I'm glad he'll be OK. That must have been very scary. And I understand about being emotional.