Monday, September 14, 2009

"If your cat snores or rolls over on his back to expose his belly, it means he trusts you."

Well. Ok - I do luff my Mom and I do trust her, but sometimes, a Full Monty is just a Full Monty, people. I just wanted to get a good stretch of the nether regions; and sometimes the furs on my tummy NEED to be aired out, don't you know?

So there I was yesterday, having my Easy Like Sunday naptime in front of the window, all twisted around and displaying my mancatly tummy to the world, when the Mom goes into her SQUEEEE mode. She didn't just snorgle my tummy once or even twice, oh no. She KEPT snorgling!

Seriously, woman, I know I'm irresistible and all but really - dignity, please?


  1. I have the same problem...why can't the mom just unnerstand I got to air it out sometimes....


  2. Well, my Mommeh just did a little flip when she saw those polka dots on your tummy. Who knows how she'd act if she was actually there.

  3. We know exactly how you feel.Mums just can't show any restraint can they.

  4. I always thought is meant I wanted tummy rubs. Maybe that means I trust them too.

  5. Personally I do love a good tummy snorgle, but sometimes huamns can get a bit carried away when they see a plush furry tum like yours!