Friday, September 11, 2009

Now THIS is a DOG!

Good morning, Kittehs of the CB!

Wandering around online while our Mom is out making green papers for our kibbles 'n kennel, we came across this news story about the most expensive dog ever ($582,135). Ok, we weren't too impressed at first - but then we saw the picture and read the story.

First, he is a gorgeous goggie. And we think maybe his bloodline stretches back thousands of years... we have very strong opinions on breeding but this is a dog worth duplicating, we think so. His bebehs would surely never want for good homes. They probably would sell for more green papers than our house cost!

But we especially liked the last bit of the story, about his homecoming: met at the airport with a motorcade of thirty luxury cars, and hoomins waving welcome home banners for him. Now that is style, friends! Wouldn't it be amazingly wonderful if all new furkids could have that kind of welcome?



  1. Mom saw this story yesterday. All she could say was, "$582,135.00 for a woofie!?!"
    It is a very pawsome woofie, though.

  2. Meowee! That's a lot of green papers!

  3. Mummy wants to know if the woofie does the dishes and vacuums for that price??

  4. What a pretty doggie!
    Thanks for the prayers for my Mommy - I know that they helped!