Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Monday

Good morning! Well, we all survived H'ween. Didn't do anything here, just kept the light off and stayed far, far away from the Sticky Little People. We don't want any of that here, no thank you very much!

Yesterday was quiet, a very relaxed Easy Sunday. We helped our Mom watch SyFy tv all day. We did that in bed cuz it was such a nasty, chilly, dreary day. That was fun!

And now it's Monday, our Mom is at work, and it's time for our all day nap-a-thon. Life is good!


  1. We are glad you kept away from the trick or treaters. An all day napathon sounds good. Can we join you?

  2. Yes, life is good for us kitties!
    We had a sticky little person dressed as a skelaton chase us around the house on Saturday night. We were very glad to see him leave, MOL!

  3. Oh a nap-a-thon sounds great after all those goblins knocking at the door.

  4. No sun beams here today so a nap-a-thon sounds about right!!

  5. I'm lucky, the sticky little beans didn't get here! Maybe my house looked too spooky. When I was little with my kitty mama, there were alot of sticky little people, especially on weekends!

  6. After all that noise on Saturday a nap-a-thon sounds pretty good!

  7. We don't get the little sticky fingers here. We are glad!
    The sun is finally out for us. It's been hiding a long, long time.
    Happy Tuesday!
    ~ The Bunch