Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Woofy Wednesday

Okay, so I see a cat crouched on the pavement, when I'm out for my walk. Usually I go nuts, but this one day, I was very good because I knew my person wouldn't allow anything else. I can only get away with stuff when *she* doesn't see the cat. But this one was right out in the open, oddly enough. So I slid toward the cat, hoping my person wouldn't notice. She didn't pay a lot of attention, and the cat just sat there. So, full charge ahead! Yeah! Run, kitty-cat, run. Right behind ya! Oops, end of the leash. See ya later, kitty. Next time, I'm slipping this leash! - Cousin Max

Toby and Leia's Note: Cousin Max is CLEARLY not a civilized woofy! Hmpf.


  1. Cousin Max is a cutie!
    Happy Thanksgiving Furiends!

  2. Sorry that kitty didn't want to play with you, Max!

  3. A terrier must be a terrier! It's a terrier thing. My kitties live with two Jack Russell Terriers (and a German Shepherd) so they know all too well that terriers must be sniffed and read from afar.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  4. Not civilized....fur sure! Some doggies are better with us than others. :)

  5. You're pretty cute. For a dog. (sorry... Glogirly says I need to work on my manners) But I'm a cat and I can't help myself.

    Better not try chasing me! (whoops there I go again...sorry...manners)

    Ok, THIS should be safe:
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    with love from Katie
    (...and Glogirly too)

  6. Oh Max. I thought we could be friends.

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone!