Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Hungrumblies

For the sake of the uneducated hoomins out there, I will explain how noms werk for kittehkind. There are different levels of Hungrumblies. It ranges from mildly aware of possibly being hungry soon to feed me or I'm going to explode into little bits of orange tufts RIGHT NOW (and take you with me!) This morning was the first stage.

I woke up before the hoomin and lay there awhile (on the 'lectric blankie) and started thinking about my morning noms. I remembered that we were very, very low on kibbles in the dishes. Only a few bits in there! Unacceptable, I tell you. So I started to focus my concentration and will on the lazy person who was still asleep, when I had needs to be filled! Aha! She's awake now! Sort of. I moved up a few inches and collapsed. I was faint with hunger by this time but she, being the clueless person that she is, thought I was just being cute.

It took one more move upwards before I really got her attention. I had to lay on the pillow next to her and just look at her with my great big eyes, blinking out the message FEED ME FEED ME. After a few head and chin scritches she finally got her lazy ***** out of bed and actually dished out some kibbles!

All that werk for a handful of measly dry kittehfood. Sheesh. She's lucky I stick around, I tell ya!


  1. Usually the laying on them works, but usually the meowing has to work.

  2. Hoomins never learn...we hope you never reach that last stage of hungrumblies...

  3. My imagination is just overwhelmed by the image of wee tufts of orangeness-ness peppered with something else kinda oogly lookin'...This kinda stuff should never happen, you know? And dry food? What's with that?

  4. We start rampaging across the bed and up and down the stairs in the mornings. That usually works!

  5. A well positioned paw on the full bladder is good to try.

  6. Eric: I usually walk across their heads but I have found a much better way. I start to sharpen my claws on the new recliners. You've never seen a Bean move as fast as my mum does when she hears that.
    Flynn: I push my wet cold nose in her mouth and purr as loud as I can.

  7. Hungrumblies iz No Fun. Srsly.

    Yer friend, Whitey.