Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things to Know About Leia

Hi, it's me, Leia! And I'm taking over today. I've watched the blog posts with concern - I don't get nearly enough time here. Between Toby and cousin Max... but I know they want to keep me quiet cuz I am so much cuter than they are. I'd steal the show. So here we go!

Things to Know About ME:

1. I LUFF my Turbo Track. Beyond reason. It's completely my reason for living. I lay on it, sleep on it, sit on it, scratch it... just everything. And I know the TT totally.. you know... gets me. Unlike Toby. I luff him too but he isn't kind to me like the TT is!

2. My two fav nap places: the TT and the washing machine. My Mom put a nice purple down throw there just for me.

3. I used to be...well... between homes, shall we say. My Mom found me in the office of the Stabby Place on the counter, in a carrier. I really hated that. It was so horrid to be stuck in that plastic tomb. I watched people come and go but then one day... My Mom was there. She took me home, introduced me to Toby and let me adjust to my Forever Home in my own way and time. That was FIVE YEARS ago. That's like a squillion years ago!

4. I luff Porch Time. I have my very own space out there: my tent. I like to sit there like the Princess I am, and watch the world go by. Toby never goes in there, cuz he's too.. well... :whispers:: fat. Doesn't fit in it at all. (Don't tell him I said that. He'll sit on me and SQUASH me!).

5. Oh, yeah, my Mom calls me Princess cuz she thinks I'm totally regal and refined. And I'm a petite girl, a bit under nine pounds. She says I have the prettiest green eyes ever!

Well that's all for now... with a regal wave of my paw, I bid you all a good Thursday!!!


  1. That was nice to learn some things about you. We are glad you got your forever home and didn't have to live in the plastic cage.

  2. I love my porch too, it's fine to be princess.

  3. How nice to learn about you. I'm glad you found a forever home.

  4. Cool Leia, we are alike! My bean also thinks I have the regalness of a princess.

  5. It was very nice to hear those things about you Leia!

  6. Well Leia, we've definitely go the princess thing going for us both! That's the only way to live!

    (Glogirly's cat)

  7. it the angle...or do you love treetz?!....

  8. How lovely to get to know you better!