Monday, March 1, 2010


From the Mom:

Leia isn't feeling very well after her vet visit on Saturday. She started limping a bit on the side that got the injections. She's not quite lethargic but definitely not running around with her usual energy. I don't think she had this kind of reaction after her last set of vaccinations.

Hopefully when I get home tonight she will be back to normal.


  1. Sorry to hear Leia isn't feeling well after her vax. Sounds like our Maizy and Ferris, they feel terrible after their yearly vax. It usually only takes a day for them to recover.
    Hopefully Leia will be back to herself very soon!!

  2. I hope she'll be ok. Sometimes they react and the vet can give them a shot to counteract it.

  3. We will be purring for Leia. Hopefully she'll feel much better soon.

  4. I hope she,Leia, feels all better by now. My girl always has a severe reaction to those shots. It's so sad and she's my indoor only girl.

  5. We hope she's feeling better now. Every once in awhile we have a reaction to a vaccination that makes us feel a little punky...