Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Killed It!!

Today the nasty big noisemaker (Mom calls this a "vacuum") was really annoying us. So Toby and I put our heads together and really focused on making it stop. Forever and ever.

And guess what??

It DID!! It stopped!!!! Mom is very impressed with our skills. She just wishes we could now conjure up the green papers to go buy a new one. (As if!)

We rule.


  1. Ok, you guys have so got to teach us that trick!!! Way to go!

  2. Wow, you guys ARE good! CAn you come to our house, and kill ours, too?

  3. There is always a good and bad side to everything it seems. We also deaded our sucky thing but then an even worse Dyson crazy like sucky thing came a while afterwards to take it's place. Now I would be happy to have the other beast back.

  4. Whoa! Thems some serious skillz!

  5. You guys totally ROCK! Show that thing who is boss. Did you punch holes into the bag? Please tell, cause I'll be needing that technique soon!

  6. Hey, why don't you just make your own green papers? It's working out well for me!