Thursday, November 18, 2010


What, exactly, is it with hoomins? I mean, do they sit around and talk to each other about how best to annoy and frustrate their wonderful kittehs? Meanness, truly, just meanness.

Until two days ago, Leia & I enjoyed full bowls of food, whenever we wanted them. And then WHAM, they were taken away without notice. Now it's twice a day. TWICE! Seriously, people, we are going to starve!

She says it's my fault, that I'm too hefty, and she can hear my joints clicking. And that makes her feel bad, and guilty, so she's trying to fix my heft. *I* say she doesn't feel guilty ENOUGH. Does she respond to our pleas for more noms? NO! The best we get is. "well, ok, since you can't eat right now I won't have that cookie, so it's fair." Ha.

On the other paw.... we're more interested in our Stinky Goodness than before. And that seems to make her happy, since she wants us off the kibble. Something about our being hungry enough now to want to try it - see? MEANNESS!!!


  1. Boy do I ever feel your pain!! Our "Master Chef" vet switched me to rabbit food a few months back...and said I was TOO FAT!!

    I get a 1/3 of a can of food in the morning and night...a few little kibbles at lunch time and a 1/4 cup of kibble at free feeding for me!
    The horror of it all!!! You have MY sympathy!
    Love, Cody

  2. We're in the same boat at our house, with the boys and the mom too fat. (But Annie too skinny!)

    The mom's been free-feeding us stinky goodness, but now that Nicki's gained a kilo and Derry is fatter than ever, the buffet is coming to an end. Oh noes!

  3. Sorry they limited your feedings. Mom tried that for us but we revolted and got things back to normal!

  4. MOL....what the wildcatwoodscats said! Same thing happened here.

  5. WE know all about that here, we love our adlib food here as well.

    Taking turns jumping on mum in bed in the morning is Spider and Smudge's solution.

    WE love the blog by the way.

  6. Toby, I totally take canned cat food over kibble any day! And you were lucky to ever be free-fed - that never, ever happened here!

  7. Oh dear Toby we are sorry your Noms have been limited. Mom is afraid that one day the Vet is gonna tell her to watch my weight too.


  8. Our mom has cut back on our crunchies too. So unfair!

  9. Sheesh! You can come over and visit us. We've got enough to go round 20 cats.

  10. Same thing happened to us in March. It was HORRIBLE! But we're off the kibble train and slimmer now, and our furz are soft and shiney.