Saturday, January 1, 2011

Breaking News: BUG!!!!!

It's a HUGE bug.
As big as the house - almost as big as the house - and mean.
(Mom: not quite that big. About the size of a palmetto bug).

It came in off the porch, fighting its way past Toby.
(Toby: I was asleep, Leia. I barely blinked at it).

But *I*, Leia, am on the job, watching and waiting for
it to emerge again so I can do battle and protect the household.
(Toby: in between naps, drinks of water, visits to the porch...).

Hey, you two! Stop it, you're spoiling the dramatic effect here.

(Mom & Toby: oops, sorry 'bout that. Do continue).

To be continued (after the bug comes out again...)


  1. Leia, I know you will emerge victorious over that bug and the house will be safe for all the residents once again!

  2. BUG!!! So much fun!

    Happy New Year

    The Creek Cats and Maggie May

  3. We want pictures of the battle and slaying of the BUG! And a taste review. You know, crunch to goo ratio, things like that.

  4. I love BUG too !!!!! It's crunchy...Great snack : )

  5. this is so funny :D haha! Hope you catch that bug

  6. Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh bugs

  7. Get the bug!!! Bet it will be nice and nommy.

  8. Bugs are so much fun! We can hardly wait to see what happens next! :)

  9. Yous guys got bugs!!! Ours are all frozen. Nothing to chase.

  10. Cool, a huge bug? We all like to play with bugs. We also like to eat them!

  11. Bug hunting! There's nothing like it!

  12. I'll bet it's crunchy, Leia! You know what'll creep your mom out big-time? If you catch it and crunch it right near her and then look up with a great big smile so she can see the wigglin' legs stickin' outta your mouf!


  13. Mmmmm.... Crunchy! Bugs are fun. You can play with them, and once your bored, you can eat it! :)