Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Animals of Egypt

Cody & Caren over at Cat Chat posted today
about the harm inflicted on dogs and cats during the protests.

Go here to read the guest post and how you can help.
Our Mom had some extra green papers today so
we were able to send something their way.
Please help if you can. Purrayers and repostings are
always greatly appreciated by anyone in need.

- Leia, Toby & Cathy


  1. I posted about the Egyptian animals too a while back - I am so glad your human was able to send off some green papers!

  2. I read Sparkles post on the Egyptian animals and also Homer's Odyssey had several posts too. When there is times of strife the animals all suffer too.


  3. Leia, Toby & Cathy thanks so much for spreading the word! I think it is GREAT that so many of us are spreading it...that's why pet bloggers are the BEST! Actually Gwen Cooper wrote the guest blog for my blog today....we were glad to help out.
    We just donated too...every little bit helps!
    Love to ALL OF YOU!! ALL pet bloggers ROCK!