Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mom Posts Monday

Toby: Mom, seriously? You have to take up our space with something of yours AGAIN? Ok, fine, here she is.

Mom: This is mostly for our friends who live in NZ or Australia. I'm a huge fan of Temeura Morrison (Jango Fett, also in 6 Days, Seven Nights and the Marine 2). I've been reading up on him lately and have discovered that he did a very nice photo layout in Cleo magazine sometime around '09, I think. I believe Cleo comes from your part of the world (not positive about that). I would very much like to buy this issue, but first I have to find it.

If you have this issue, or know someone who does, please let me know. Or, we could just get gushy about how awesome, talented and hot that man is. :)


  1. Thanks for your kind words about Au. We will make sure his last days are happy, and we won't let him suffer.

  2. Good luck to your mom, re: finding that issue of Cleo! :)

  3. Good luck tracking down your magazine. I hate it when I can't locate something!