Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finally Friday

One of the things I luff best about my Mom is how much she appreciates what I do. Like today - we were both walking across the floor, and suddenly I just plopped down, right in front of her. It was probably my very best suddenly-cat-turns-to-liquid performance EVER!

Of course, she totally wasn't expecting it, and stumbled right over me. Almost hit the wall, too. I forgave her for nearly stomping all over me, because that's just how I am. Big of heart, y'know? And she tells me how great that was, how much she appreciated it! Even rated my liquid-ness as Olympic-caliber! Is that cool or what?

Oh, wait.. you don't think... could that have been that thing hoomins do - sarcasm? Nahhhhhh... She luffed it, I know it!


  1. Of course she luffed it as the Mom's luv when we play a variation of kitty obstacle course that they have to duck and weave.

  2. I remember Praline used to do that. I'm really going to have to watch the floor when the Dessert Twins come home.

    Mom Paula

  3. Well, at least I think it was a totally Olympian move.

  4. Sarcasm? Nah....Our human loves it when we do that, or otherwise "get in her way," especially when she's carrying heavy loads up and down the stairs. :-P

  5. We used to "pour" ourselves ofur the ottoman. We kinda outgrew it, i guess. xoxo