Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally Friday

Ok, it's not quite Friday but almost! Our Mom has something to say, so we're turning this post over to her while we go take a nap. Take it away Mom:

Thank you Toby & Leia. You are very gracious, as always.

To our furriends in the CB:

I've been a follower of the icanhazcheezburger site almost since it got started. What I loved most about it was that I never, ever had to worry about what I'd see. It was cute, sweet, funny, and at worst, extremely snarky.

But I guess in the way of all things that get big and successful, the quality starts to slip. Over the last few months, the pictures and video clips have slowly become less sweet, with more adult humor. That has its place but not on what should have been a family friendly site. Much worse, there are hints of cruelty popping up repeatedly, especially in the video clips. Now, I can no longer be sure that it's a safe site, that what I will see is good.

Today was the last straw: they have a video clip of two cats playing Jedi. Cute, until I realized that their PAWS WERE TAPED TOGETHER. I have to wonder how much trauma they suffered over that. Will they trust humans again? What else was done to them in the name of entertainment? (Oh, and one of them looks to be suffering from a bad eye infection).

So I've made the painful decision not to visit there anymore. I know most of the material is still good to look at, but clearly, the editors and Powers that Be there have lost their concern for animals, especially cats. And frankly, I love cats (especially mine) more than almost anything on this earth. I refuse to continue supporting what they are doing with my page clicks.


  1. Thanks fur sharing. We too, would NOT want sweet kittehz exploited just fur a laff! We will definitely not be visiting this site again. Purrs.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I don't usually visit the site unless I was trying to set up a picture myself. I become a little more bothered when someone used Sweet Praline's picture and didn't give any credit where it came from.

    I will not put up with anything dealing with cruelty to animals or children.

    Mom Paula

  3. Thanks for sharing ! I have their sit on my side bar but I'm the same as Mom Paula, Not really visit their site because we love to visit our friends more than icanhazcheezburger site, We think our friends are more fun and more cute because I love them like YOU GUYS !

  4. Mom gets an email with some of the special daily ones, but she rarely goes to the site. We would be furry unhappy if we saw people being mean to kitties.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. I'm horrified, I tried to leave a comment but I don't think it worked. How could they leave it up??

  6. Me is mad! Me has seen some things at icanhascheezburger that me did not like so me did not go there. Yous Rocks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for that information I will not be visiting either!