Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Life of Leia

I'm a very busy lady kitteh. Mom is always saying so. It's true - I do have a lot to do.

I'm very active with my toys. They require constant biting, chewing, bunnykicking and pummeling. I do nap a lot, but not nearly as much as the Great Orange Behemoth. We're lucky if HE moves at all.

I also pull a lot of guard and monitoring duty. I'm the one who checks for Ebil Introoders and strange noises. I patrol the premises here, making sure that all squirrels are watched carefully. And bugs in the house? Forget getting by my keen eye, wigglers. I've got a paw ready to stamp down on your insectarian foolishness. Be warned! I show no mercy!

And then there's the other thing. Mom swears it's true, but she's never seen me at it..  and I won't tell. No kitteh ever would, but she's convinced I'm one of the Fae. That I teleport to visit my friends and relatives there. That I can see things here that no one else can, because sometimes I get crazy for no reason. Well, Toby can (maybe, I'm not saying definitively, you understand) but he won't put out the energy.

PS: We're very excited about Thursday. Miss Sparkle is answering a request for advice from our furriend Quill over at Housecat Confidential. We can't wait! Tune in, kittehs.


  1. All us kitties have magical powers! Maybe Toby is just too lazy to use his.

    Quill had such a good question, how could I do anything but set aside a column for it?

  2. Dear Leia! We has a house brownie, he and his famly has been part of my Mommy's family for generations. maybe your family has one too!
    And being a guard cat is tiring. Makes sure yous gets your beauty sleeps.

  3. Leia, what a busy and important life you lead!

    We can hardly wait to read Sparkle's answer to Quill. :)