Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Wrong Kind of Excitement

Furriends, we luff exciting events - squirrel and bird watching, leaf chasing through the window, a good game of Chase the Red. We DON'T like 5 am visits from men in big boots and scary outfits, with trucks and flashing lights.

PS: That pee wasn't mine. No matter what any(Mom) tells you, it wasn't. Maybe it was Leia. Or Not Me. Not Me does a lot of naughty things. (Why do girls never get blamed for random pee??)

Everything turned out ok. I woke up to a strong burning smell in our bedroom. No smoke. The Fire Dept's best guess was that the AC unit's belt temporarily slipped.

This situation was like a mini emergency response drill. I got Toby in his carrier easily, but Leia went UTB, and I just couldn't get to her. One carrier required my stepladder to get to. I'd say we failed, but luckily there were no consequences.

The cats are still obviously distressed, but recovering. My landlord was in the house earlier today, and possibly AC technicians, and they really dislike anything that disturbs their peaceful home. (So do I).

So now I have a list in my head for the future: have both carriers immediately available in the closet. Block off UTB access permanently (this will not be popular). The trickiest part is Leia. How can I maneuver her into a safe place for easy access? She's fast and slippery and DESPISES being grabbed.

I'm very open to suggestions, but right now my best idea is to create a disguised den from a dog crate behind the bed. If I can convince her that's the new safe hiding place, I can just shut the door and get her out safely. Best if they are both in there.

Here's hoping that none of us will need to know how we'll do in our Emergency Response.


  1. Oh my goodness, how scary! Definitely the wrong kind of excitement! The only one here who likes alien visitors is Russell, and he's pretty weird.

    Humane Society has some pretty good info (and links):

  2. That is very scary! We are glad that everything turned out all right.

  3. This may turn into a blessing in disguise.
    It alerted you to a great need and now you have it solved!
    We are so glad everyone is fine.


  4. My human says the next bed frame they get will make it so we cannot get UTB, for this very reason! Our hard-to-grab cat, Boodie, needs to be cornered in a room and the room shut off if there is an emergency. We haven't had one (an emergency, that is), and my human worries about her a lot.

  5. How scary! We're glad everything turned out okay. Our mom worries about stuff like this but she still needs to be more prepared than she is.

  6. Gosh how scary! We're hoping you're all settled down again and that nothing else slips or smells.

  7. OMC, we're glad everyone is okay, albeit still shaken up.

    Our human has our carriers out all the time, but really isn't sure she'd be able to catch us in an emerg. :-/

  8. Glad everyone is okay. That could've been a scary one.

  9. Yikes. We are so glad you are all okay! That is so scary!