Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Injustice

My Mom was having this wonderfully delicious thing she calls "roast beast". All I can meow is, it smelled WONDERFUL!

I reallllly wanted some. Do you, my furriends, think she gave me some? As was right and proper?

NO! Even worse, she licked the gravy on the fork right in front of me. Oh, that was just cruel.

I even meowed my best and most demanding meow. And she still refused. Some silliness about not wanting my tender tummy to be upset.

Mean, that's what she is. Just mean.

- Toby


  1. Maybe she's just worried about your sensitive system becoming aggravated. Or she could just be mean. You know her better than us!

  2. That IS mean! If she can't share, she should eat it out of your sight.

  3. She licked the fork? In front of you?!? It's one thing to deny you roast beast (cruel enough), but to flaunt it? We can't even imagine!

  4. Ah, we're sorry...but remember, Christmas is coming. Maybe you find something to gift her with. Purrs...

  5. Toby, we're with you, pal. That is just WRONG!

  6. We have made you an Awardie. If you already have it you can add another star.
    Dawn (Shubunkin)

  7. How terrible! Call the RSPCA! Or KFC! We can lend you our survunt's credit card. She won't mind.