Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Purrfectly Awful

Furriends, have you ever smelled the wonder that is .... bacon? It is simply, pawsomely amazing.

Today for lunch Mom was microwaving some bacon for her biscuit. I walked in, because it smelled so good, and hoped that since I was being so handsome and such a good mancat, she'd notice and give me some.


But wait, it gets worse.

She... she... I don't even know how to meow this, it's so awful but she... decided she had more than she needed and THREW THE REST AWAY!!! NOOOOOO!!! Didn't even offer either of us any of it, just tossed it right into the trash.

This is just so wrong. Hoomins. PFFtttT.

- Toby


  1. Wait, wait...Let's get this straight.

    1. You didn't get any of that yummy bacon. Okay, we can just barely understand that, because humans don't always share, or as in our case, some cats don't really like human food, even bacon.

    2. But...She threw the rest away? Our human, who happens to LOVE bacon (but rarely eats it) is aghast. Seriously. How can anyone have more bacon than is needed? That's just not possible, from her p.o.v.

    Go to the bin, Toby !!! and Do Doggie's Trick !
    I'm sure you will get some Ham ; )

  3. Replies
    1. Oh, that's bad. Very bad!! MOL.
      PS: Yes, we are on Facebook.

  4. That is beyond awful! Some serious punishment is in order!

  5. Oh you poor thing! That was a very naughty human thing to do! We'll see if we can snatch some sometime and send it to you.
    Jada and Scully

  6. Throwing away perfectly good bacon There is no word adequate to describe such behavior. Would the World come to an end if you were given a crumb of such deliciousness? What is truely unthinkable is throwing excess bacon (an oxymoron in my opinion) in the garbage. There is no such thing as too much bacon. Your mom has gone to the dark-side on this one. Bacon worshipers everywhere are in disbelief.

  7. Oh, kittehs ... we are aghast. She threw it away? Why did she NOT just give it to you?

  8. Throwing away bacon...un-heard of...are you kidding me! Well...I suppose she had her reasons but,hey time...throw it my way! Mol!
    Hello, I love your blog! I'm your new follower! Here's our blog:
    Miss Kitty and I sure hope you stop by and join us too...we'd love having you! Have a lovely evening!
    Kitty & Mum