Saturday, March 23, 2013

Last Sunday

We promised a full report on last Sunday's Not So Easy. Here it is.

It was a typical relaxed morning UNTIL - bang, bang, bang.

Our Mom decided it was a good decision to totally destroy our peace
by completely rearranging our bedroom furniture. Yes, OURs. Did WE get
a meow in this too? Nooooooo. Without so much as a by-your-leave she
just did what she wanted to.

We have - had - a canopy bed. That was taken apart, the bed moved,
the desk, dresser, everything, moved around. It took ages to happen, and then just when
we thought it was over, she mucked up our peace even more - ha, didn't think
she could, did you? - by deploying the Noisy Beast.

We hate that even more than the Flashy Beast, which at least is quiet. We're pretty
sure the Noisy Beast could destroy the world if it wanted to.

There may have been a moment - Leia will swear to it, though I'm sure not going to -
when I hid under the bed and made a pitiful yowl. Of course this didn't happen,
but if it had, perhaps it was because I was afraid we were moving out of our house

It's been a week, and we've adjusted, so hopefully she won't get any more creative
ideas in that head of hers. Maybe if we both just sit on it and keep her from getting
out of bed all day, that would help.


  1. oh man - we HATE it when that happens.....lucky for us the last time mom got in the mood, we got locked out of the bedroom.

  2. Holy Cat! That sounds like a pretty terrible Sunday, indeed! Why oh why do the humans do these things???

  3. I don't blame you one bit for being upset. Any time my mom gets all furniture move-y, we too get panicked into thinking it's the beginning of a real move. Moms just shouldn't do that out of the blue!

  4. glad you've already adjusted. moving in and out could be a very tiring task.

  5. What an awful experience for you kitties! At least it is over with - hopefully for good!

  6. The HORROR of it all!

    We admit we like it when the peeps rearrange the furniture...BUT...we hate the Evil Dyson with a passion! We may be known to howl at it, too...

  7. How horrid. I hope you got something yummy out of it..