Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lies, All Lies

They say pictures say a thousand words, but *I* say this is a thousand LIES.

I would never, ever be so snuggly with Leia. I mean, I don't mind her too much,
but to sleep like this? Cuddle her paws with my own?

The very idea! I don't know how the pawparrazzi did it,
but I suspect some kind of trickery, with that, what do 
the hoomins call it, Paw-Toe-Shop.


  1. Our mom's melting at that picture. But of course WE know it was PhotoShopped! ;-)

  2. Oh, that is a nice shot, and the stuff of fairy-tales. But SURELY that was Photoshopped! MOL!

  3. Our mom keeps trying to get one of those pictures of us together.

  4. I bet you were both conked out from too much nip and your human arranged your paws that way! Right?

  5. I'm with you! The mom says she's got photographic evidence of me and Ernie holding paws like that. It must be photoshopped!

  6. I agree with Sparkle. I think you had a bit too much 'nip and your person took advantage of the situation.

  7. We think your right-photo shopped for sure-how RUDE!
    Jada and Scully