Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Great Adventure

Furriends, I'm kind of in the doghouse right now. 
And I'm a KITTEH! 

Why? I got outside today. 
On the porch, the free to the world porch.

We had the screen door to the porch open most of the day. 
There's a small tear in the bottom corner - I investigated - and Mom saw me there.
As soon as I saw her looking at me, I bolted back inside.

The damage is done now, though. She knows my secret.
She strongly suspects I've been back and forth at least a couple of times....
I was playing with a leaf inside right before she saw me out.

And yes, she closed the glass door.   

Mom: We were very fortunate I saw her outside. What if I'd closed the door and went off?
And she's very, very quick and agile. If she'd chosen to take off, 
I don't think I could have caught her.
It's kind of funny that she bolted right back inside, but mostly I'm still horrified.


  1. Oh that must have been so fun to go outside. But too bad your secret has been discovered. :(

  2. It sounds like you got caught before you could have any real adventures, Leia! I bet your human is relieved and you are bumming majorly!

  3. Poor Mom! Seriously, get her a cool rag for her head. Our Mom would be hysterical. Not, in that funny way, either.

  4. Phew! I am glad you were good and bolted back inside.

  5. Glad you caught her. Brulee used to slip out onto the front porch when Mom Paula would open the front door. Luckily, Mom Paula has stopped that.

  6. Curses! Foiled again...

    Although we can say from experience that Outside can be a hard place to live.

  7. Yikes! Sorry you got caught, but we have to admit that we're glad your mom closed the door. Outside is SKERRY!

  8. Close call! We go in and out but we live in a special area.

  9. Out there looks fun but i'm too scared to even experiment.

  10. Yee-owza! Adventures are fun but only if you stay safe and don't get caught! Purrs...