Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Graduation Day

Let the balloons and niptinis fly!

I just completed my two months of twice daily Laxatone. Tuna flavored.
Every day, morning and evening, Mom pinned me down and forced that
stuff in my mouth.

And now it's done!!! Woooo........  wait, what? Mom, I thought we were DONE. D O N E.

Mouses! Mom says she's afraid to stop entirely so for awhile we are gonna go down to just one dose a day. Starting today, in the evening cuz that's easier.



  1. Oh, not quite happy graduation then, is it? LOL. We hope that easing down to once a day works well and that you can be off it soon. Good luck!

  2. Well, that was kind of a bogus graduation, Toby! I hope eventually you get to graduate from it completely.

  3. Happy Graduation, Toby! Well, happy SORT OF graduation ... baby steps, right?

  4. Well, Toby, you don't look too happy about the whole thing! But Happy Graduation Day anyway!

  5. Only once a day now? You're going to fly through this, Toby. We just knows it! Purrs...