Thursday, May 22, 2014

Uhhhh..... Mom......

Recently Mom bought herself a birthday gift (it's actually next month, but why not celebrate early? We think that's a very cat-like attitude). The next morning she comes out and sees us hanging out by the tv and kind of freaked out, afraid we'd knock it over.

So she piles stuff in front of it to keep us away from it. Like this box top with wrapping paper in it.

Again, she puts a box top with paper in it in front of the tv to keep us away from it.

::blinking in the silence::

Leia, maybe we should be letting her sleep a bit more....

Mom: in my defense, it was very early in the morning. I still can't believe I did this... I have been Kitteh Chief PawServant for a great many years, I know how cats are!


  1. But aren't YOU the very best gift your mom could possibly ever have? :-)

  2. Sometimes those humans just aren't thinking clearly. She may as well have put an invitation (laced with catnip and tuna) right in front of the TV. haha!
    : )

  3. Your mom sounds like our Jan. She does strange things too and then blames it on being tired. That must be a human thing. We furries never blame anything on lack of sleep. Unless the human keeps us up past our naptimes.

  4. Wow, your human set up the PERFECT kitty bed... not sure what she was thinking!

  5. MOL! As if *that* would deter you kitties from getting up there, right? :)

  6. MOL! Keeping you on your toes... at all hours of the morning, huh?

  7. Why not get a big neon sign that says "Park Bum Here!"?


  8. Moms are funny sometimes, aren't they?

  9. Well it kept you from showing interest in the TV didn't it? If my cats hit that kind of box it would surely trap them and the snugglyon particles would take over and put them instantly to sleep.

    That Woman
    & Ms. Stella (who can't resist a box of any size)