Friday, July 25, 2014

Introoder! Introoder Alert!!!

The scene this morning:

Cow Kitteh sauntered into the backyard. We saw him/her through the glass door.

Toby: Introoder! Ebil Introoder!! Hey, Cow Kitteh, get outta here!! Shoo!!! Mouses, I can't get to ebil introoder Cow Kitteh, what CAN I do??.... I know, I will attack Leia instead!

::big orange tail, hissing, spitting, Leia cornered under the nice chair::

Leia: .... wait, what? .. Dude, I'm on YOUR side! Owww!! MOMMMMMMMM!!!

Mom: Toby!! Stop that!!

:: Mom comes to the rescue::

Note: this weekend the space under the fence will be blocked off. 

In other news::

We were thrilled to win the Kitties Blue contest prize! Thank you so much! But since our last encounter with the water fountain didn't go so well, we have asked that Jan from Funny Farm receive this pawsome gift instead. We hope y'all enjoy it very much!


  1. Leia it was good your mom-person came and rescued you !
    So nice of you to send the waterfountain to Jan at the Funny Farm !
    I LOVE the waterfountain that my mom-person bought to me a couple of month's ago :)

  2. Uh-oh! I hope this is only a VERY temporary spat, and that it doesn't stick... which sometimes happens with redirected aggression. It sounds like your human was on the case right away, so hopefully things will be okay with you two quickly.

  3. Isn't that the way things are supposed to happen?

  4. Yikes! We had that happen here too. Hopefully, that introoder kitty will never come back.

  5. Oh, we hate it when aggression gets redirected. :(

  6. We're looking forward to trying one. Thank you!