Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bring On the Noms.

Mom. Get up. We're hungry.

Seriously, we wanna eat now. Go downstairs. Open the can.


Really, we did mean it the first 3 times.   ::whack::   See what you made me do? There goes the little candle off the desk.

Well, that didn't work.... ::whap to the face:: How about now? Will you get up NOW?

Oh holy Ceiling Cat, what is it gonna take to get you out of bed and FEED THE CATS??!!

Finally!!! We get to eat!!!

::2 cats zoom down the stairs::

And that, furriends, is the scene almost.every.single.morning.


  1. Hahaha! That used to be the scenario at our house too, but we have the human trained to wake up in advance of any of Nicki's shenanigans...most days. Of course, that means she's up anywhere between 3:30AM and 4:30AM. Every single day. Like it was a religious rite.

    BTW, when Derry was young, he used to put a claw up the human's nostril to wake her up. That WORKED!

    We hope it won't take too long to train your human too, because gees, working so hard to get her up is exhausting!

  2. lol I laughed at the picture it conjured up but I bet some mornings you would love a lie in.

  3. That's exactly why we get dinner at dinner (or sometime when it's dark, thanks to the time change) so we don't have to rely on getting our mom up. We always have crunchies--well, except for me because of my diet, but I am a good and patient boy.

  4. Binga and Boodie have discovered that NOTHING gets my human out of bed before her time. But once she is up, Binga does like to rush her into the kitchen by biting her legs.

  5. My mum gives me a tin of food last thing at night when she goes to bed. That way I don't wake her too early....usually.

  6. A tail whack to the face does the trick, huh? Good to know. Gotta try that sometime.