Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Day in Captivity

Furriends, I have just had a TERRIBLE experience. Yesterday I was stuffed into a PTU and left all day at the Stabby Place - my fifth visit this year, no less. What's up with that??

I had to endure this thing called a "dental". And I couldn't eat a single bite before I had it, either. Do you have any idea how hungry I was? I couldn't even properly express my frustration to Mom either, because she left the house at 6am and didn't come back till about 8am.

Anyway, it's done now. Mom said everything went well, my gums are healthy, the bloodwork came back showing everything in a positive way. The Stabby Place guy said I was quite healthy, especially given my age (I'm ten now). This was my first dental. Mom said it will probably be my last too, given the age thing.

I am not sure I approve the posting of THIS image. It makes me look a little... well... goofy, doesn't it? This was me about two hours after I returned home. I was sore, as you can imagine. Not to mention a bit zonked. Whatever they gave me at the Stabby Place sure made me feel knocked out. Like a dinosaur sized catnip dose.

And this was Leia not being sure who I was. She got over it eventually. I hear she enjoyed the day without me in the house. Even got first shot at the brand new nip toy.

PS: Leia - laugh it up now, tabby girl. Your turn is coming!!


  1. Ugh, Toby, we feel for you, man. We've both had dentals that have involved multiple tooth-extractions--and that was when we were each 3 years old! We sure hope that you feel better soon, and hope you never need another one. And gees, we sure hope you don't have to go back to that evil place for a long, long time!

  2. that doesn't sound very nice. I don't like that place either, although it seems you weren't really aware of too much. I hope your mouth doesn't hurt too much or for too long. lt is good news that your gums are healthy.

  3. Aren't you glad that's over, Toby! I'm glad you checked out well!

  4. I've had only one dental, too, and it was AWFUL, so I know exactly how you feel, bud. But now that your teethies are all clean, you can bite at your mom the next time she tries to put you in the troll box!

  5. Glad that is over for you and to hear it went well.
    Hope you got some excellent noms after all of that.
    Have a happy Caturday!

  6. Aw, poor Toby. I had a dental a couple of years ago and it wasn't fun! I'm glad you survived and that's over for you now. ~Wally

  7. Toby! You need a GINORMOUS serving of (soft, gooshy) food to make up for your Terrible Ordeal. Several, actually.