Friday, August 7, 2015

The Ebil That Is...


Every kitteh knows this; and most woofies too. Mom has never been a fan of them. She thinks they are cute and certainly doesn't want to see one meet a bad end, but she also never wanted to adopt any.

Today... Furriends, did we ever hear an earful about them today! She had to take her car to its Stabby Place unexpectedly because the alarm (that she doesn't actually have, she says) was going off and wouldn't stop. The problem was that some bits of the system had been installed at the factory, she told us, but not the bits that make it work, like the control module and the key chip (umm... WE haz no idea what that means but we're assured our furriends' 'rents will know).

Just enough was there to be a problem; the fix it guy thinks there was a short that caused it to go off - because the d#$*%)#### ebil critters had been chomping at things they had no business chomping at.

Oh, and for more evidence - they found quite a bit of acorns tucked into odd places. Around the battery, too.

Because the place we live now has lots of concrete, and our prior home was very woody, big trees and certainly lots of the aforementioned residents, we're pretty sure the culprits were thugs from that place.

Be ware, people, be very very WARE! They are OUT THERE!!! And they want to EAT YOUR CAR!***

** at least some bits of it, anyway.


  1. Sorry, Toby, but our human is laughing because we have an evil squirrel family living in the next door tree, so we understand. However, our biped doesn't have a vehicle and relies on public transit and her feet (plus the occasional taxi), so we've certainly never had that happen to us! You have to admit it's funny, in one of those life-is-ridiculous ways.

  2. Oh noes!!!! That's terrible!! The squirrels are chomping on a different kind of nut!!!! ;)

  3. Yikes! Our car gets locked in the garage. That is a good thing because the ebil squirrels look in the window at me. I think they might be looking for our car to eat. I will tell my mum and dad to be very Ware!

  4. Whoa! Those critters are way more destructive than I thought! The cat before Sparkle used to catch them (she was an indoor-outdoor kitty) - maybe she was just trying to protect my human.

  5. Oh my! What ebil squirrels! So sorry for what happened but your funny writing made me laugh :-) Sounds like they were quite fond of your mom's car to snack on it and store acorns. We have squirrels all over the place, and my car is always parked outside. I hope they won't eat my car!

  6. Squirrels ARE evil. Stupid too--a few years ago squirrels got into some electrical thing around here, bit on a few cables, fried themselves and took the power out!

  7. Our squirrels were part of a relocation program ( shh! don't tell). I hope they don't come back.

  8. OMC ! Those squirrels are VERY EBIL!
    Glad we don´t have any ebil squirrels around here.