Monday, August 24, 2015

The Outrage!!


Furriends, we feel faint. Mom saw THIS horror being created at Michael's this weekend:

and yes, that IS a bow in back. Grumpy Cat, our  hero, wearing a cutesy bow.
With a pumpkin top for a hat.
So, of course, Mom felt inspired to dress up our own GC for Halloween:
How could she! We have to organize a protest - what was that, Mom?
Dressing up GC keeps you from dressing US up? Ohhhh....huh...hmmmm....
:thoughtful pawse::
Well, do carry on then.
Grumpy Cat issued this statement today:
I'm a cat. Dressed up as a cat. Ha ha meow. Hilarious.
Someone get me OUT OF HERE!!


  1. Poor Grumpy Cat! Nice of her to step in for you two, though. :)

  2. At least she's dressing up the stuffed kitties and not you.

  3. Hey, better Grumpy Cat than you. We just think it's too early to be dressing up for Halloween!

  4. Hm. I need to keep my human out of the Pet stores until November.

  5. Yep, better Grumpy Cat than you two for sure...take it from me who gets dressed up!

  6. Poor Grumpy Cat, but much better than it being you.

  7. I recently discovered that Angel doesn't mind being dressed up! Hmm...
    But Chuck hated it, so he'd be glad if I found a substitute like a stuffed Grumpy Cat to use instead.

  8. I knew there was a real reason why Grumpy Cat is grumpy!

  9. That is too cute :) I love to dress up my kitties- our grumpy is safe though.

  10. Well I think I would be grumpy too!! MOL

  11. I'd say that's worthy of The Back of Disrespect, but if it amuses her and keep you from being tormented with costumes, I guess it's ok.