Saturday, September 12, 2015


Dear Furriends,
On Friday a terrible thing happened to us. We were lured HERE:
And when we were finally released from our purrrison, we were confronted with THIS:
Our bedroom, off limits to US, the rightful rulers here. And oh, furriends, there was much noise!
Revenge, we will haz it.
Mom's note:
We got a new bed. The noise came from the delivery guys destroying the old box springs to get it down the stairs. In case you haven't had the pleasure of purchasing a new bed recently,
I thought I'd share from my experiences:
1. Everything you Google about the mattress buying experience is true. I promise you. Tiring, frustrating, expensive, and eventually, they all start to blend into each other. To make a good choice you will almost certainly have to visit multiple stores. I hit 6, with more than one visit to some.
2. There is no way to comparison shop. Don't waste your time. They all have price match guarantees but there is simply no real way to take advantage of that. I tried hard.
3. The in store sample will be much softer than what you get. When it arrives, walk on it, or walk with your knees, to help the breaking in period. Sounds strange but it helps with the compression. There WILL be a breaking in period; don't expect to love it the first night. I liked mine but didn't love it. It takes about a week for the settling in.
4. Be careful about logistics for delivery. My stairs are odd - a landing at each end with a bit of a curve. The bottom one was the trouble spot for us. I had no idea that this might even be an issue.
5. There is a chemical smell. I opened the window and aimed my floor fan on high on the bed to help waft out the smell. Hence the bedroom door closing.
6. Oh, and do NOT skip the 15 minute test on each one. You have to lay in your sleep position that long to allow for a reasonable idea of what this will do for you. It's weird but you get used to it quickly.
7. Today's mattresses are big and HEAVY critters. Seriously think about getting a new, quality frame for it.
8. Think carefully about regular vs. low profile foundations; the one in the store was lower than the one I ended up with because I didn't consider that. This matters to my aging cats. And to me - I'm short.
I do like my new bed. I loved the store sample and fully expect to love this one in due time,
once it softens a bit. This one is the softest one of quality they had in their store too.
It's just new, and a bit stiff.
I did NOT love anything about the buying experience.


  1. This sounds about par for the course. Thanks for sharing. It's time for our humans to start thinking about and new bed and they dread it!

  2. This does not sound fun at all! The humans here bought a new mattress and box springs a few years ago and the bed is still in good shape so they won't have to buy anything new for a while.

  3. I bought a new bed (downsized from a queen to a double) a year and a half ago. There are only two or three mattress-only stores in town, though of course every furniture store carries mattresses too. I find the new mattresses lighter, because they're non-flip, at least the ones sold here. It's hard to find one that CAN be flipped over anymore. The low profile versus regular height was an issue for me, and I had to change out the box spring they first delivered. I also ended up changing out the mattress for another after 2 or 3 months, my first choice just wasn't right for me.

    So no, it's not a fun thing to shop for, but necessary to spend the time and get what works for you!

    Purrs and peace from the boys. :-)

  4. That sounds like a marathon! Our last bed had a memory foam mattress and felt so comfortable in the store. When it arrived I didn't like it at all. I rang and they said to give it a minimum of a week and if I still didn't like it they would take it back. It worked and I love it now!

  5. THIS is valuable to me and mommy. WE think we will just keep on with putting up with our 4 inch memory foam on top of the buckboard ol' Brainy, aka Mom, bought 10 years ago. Why she bought a hard mattress on purpose escapes her now. Admiral was here then and she hated it too. Mom said she has the expensive 4" memory foam and at last, she can sleep comfortably, and me as well.

    1. It was a lot of work but I consider it worth the effort. I think back in the day, people thought harder mattresses were better for back problems, but that's changed. But most likely your mem foam topper will keep you comfy for quite some time.

  6. I've always thought there was some serious collusion with mattress sellers: each store has a different name or model, and you can never match them up. Thanks for revealing your learning curve, and I'm sure the kitties got over being in lock-down.

  7. Very interesting for the human! She found her mattress too hard after a few years! So instead of getting a new one she got a 4 inch thick cover and now it's not so bad!

  8. We got new mattress several years ago - the old one was getting too old and hurting my back. I like firm mattress myself. I do not enjoy all the shopping hopefully it'll last long. Glad you like your new bed. I'm sure your kitties will love it, too :-)

  9. The mom has been talking about getting a new mattress for at least 3 years. The reasons why she hasn't yet are all the ones you mention. She just can't bear going out and shopping for one.

  10. We got a new mattress a couple of years ago. That shopping part was not fun at all, but we did it!

  11. Poor could your hooman treat you so!
    Our Mom started shopping for a new mattress and gave up when
    she saw how much they were.
    Good advice, though, perhaps she gave up too soon.
    the kitty brats