Friday, September 18, 2015

Finally Friday

... and who doesn't love Fridays?!

 (dramatization of embarrassing moment. Not the actual orange in question). 

So, I had an embarrassing moment this morning. In front of Mom too! That's what made it so embarrassing, of course. I was playing with my nip squirrel when it kinda got snagged on my front fang. Hey, these things happen, right? And believe me, I could have handled it just fine on my own, but we all know how Moms are. She swooped right in and took it from me. And then trashed it.

She did promise to buy a replacement this weekend. We are big fans of the nip squirrels here.

Mom's note:
We follow the Tabby's Place blog devotedly. There was a link to an interesting study on cats. There is a section in there that talks about how purrs can mean contentment but also means, please stay with me. I thought that was very interesting.


  1. She trashed your nip squirrel!! I hope the replacement has more stamina!! MOL

  2. At least you are getting a new nip squirrel out of the bargain!

  3. It is embarrassing when things like that happen! I had a ball attack my claw the other day and it wouldn't let me go. Then to add insult to injury, mum clipped my claws.

  4. Oh, don't worry...that happens to anybody :-) And you are gonna get a new one! Yay!
    I've also read kitties purr when they are in pain and purring helps themselves to heal :-)

  5. and pain, they can mean pain. I found that very distressing.

  6. Sorry to hear Mom trashed your squirrel, but at least she got you a new one! :)

  7. I know it's a bit embarrassing for a Mancat's rep but we're glad the Mom was there to help you out and that you will be getting a new nip squirrel this weekend, we've never seen a nip squirrel...we bet they are cool!