Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hey! No Fair!

*I* lost the tooth! ME!
(ps: if you look closely at my left arm, you can see where they stole my furs!)
The Toof Fairy sent these pawsome toys to ME!

So why does she get to play with them too??! They are MINE!
Mom says we have to share.

A great big special thank you to the gang at
15and Meowing for these pawsome gifts!


  1. Those are great toys! I am sure you could share them though Toby.

  2. At least she doesn't totally steal them away like SOME cats I know would!

  3. Well, you may need to share them, Toby, but they're still yours. :)

  4. Those toys look fun-tastic! Well, maybe she will share her toys next time :-)

  5. Sorry you have to share, I said that was optional. Thanks for posting about them. I hope you are feeling better.

  6. Toby...sometimes being an only cat has advantages...I don't have to share my toys with anyone..well except sometimes I catch my dad messin' with my toy basket
    Hugs madi your bfff
    I hope you are feeling better each day

  7. Hi Toby, I hope you are feeling better now!! Sharing toys is a bit of a drag!! But I think it is the kind thing to do - so I'm told MOL

  8. Toby, it's great to see you're doing well. And score on those tooth fairy gifts!

  9. OH darling sweet boy...I am so glad you feel better after getting your new toys from the roof fairy. I love my crocheted toys all the time.

  10. Glad you got ride of the bad tooth :)
    To bad you have to share toy´s :(


  11. Three Fang Toby, I think you should put a bitey on Leia to keep her away from your toys! That will make you feel better, I'm sure.