Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I applied in good faith 
To pull that dang sleigh 
So what’s a kitten to do 
When employment is through
You curl up by the fire
And look elsewhere for hire 
For humans aren’t the only ones
To go out on Christmas Eve runs
So, who needs dumb Santa Claus
When I can work for Santa Claws
Ok so he delivers mice and not toys
To all the good kitten girls and boys
And there’s no sleigh to pull
More like a litter box that’s full
And we fuel up on cat nip
To fly high on our Noel trip
Actually it’s by far a better gig
Than what Rudolph ever did 
I get to tatter up the tinsel
And break the lights that twinkle
Then scurry up the tree
To mark it with my pee
Oh yeah, this job is the best
Let those reindeer have the rest 
So Meowy Christmas to you
And a Feline Navidad too !

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