Monday, December 14, 2015

Leia on Monday


I, Leia, am TAKING OVER today. I'm pushing that beastly Toby out of Mancat Monday, 
same way he pushes ME out of my couch spot, more and more.

Um... um.... I don't have much to meow about though... 

I yakked on the carpet last night. That's something.

Plus I look really beautiful in my bed. Mom said so.

Happy Monday, y'all.

PS: We're real close to Chrissymouse now, everybody
needs to be good so Sandy Claws will visit us.
He's very forgiving of us kittehs but best not to make it TOO hard for him...


  1. Good for you Leia for giving that mancat the boot.
    You do look very beautiful.
    We are sorry to hear that you yakked, though.
    Rumor is that the Sandy Claws is very forgiving to us felines!Hehehehe
    the kitty brats

  2. Sandy Claws loves kitties, Leia! You just keep being the bestest kitty you can be, and he'll give you a present, I'm sure of it. Anyhow, you keep pushing Toby around...what's he gonna do, bite you? MOL!

  3. Binga is bad every year, and that never seems to stop her from getting gifts.

  4. Well, yakking... yeah, the best of us do it. Nothing wrong there. Our mom even says so. You do look fabulous in your bed!

  5. Leia you do look beautimous in your bed....I'm trying to be good but girlfriend it is hard
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. You're right. Let's not make it too hard and let's be grateful; for new nip and toys.

  7. I applaud you, Leia! You deserve a Monday. Plus, you *do* look very pretty in your comfy bed.

  8. Yay Leia! I wish I was as brave as you are and could take Monday away from those pesky boycats that live here. ~Zoey

  9. Best you all just try to stay good until Chrissymouse Day! MOL!

  10. Well done Leia! I bet Toby isn't pleased that you took his Mancat Monday though.

  11. Good job taking over, Leia! You do look very beautiful in your bed :-)