Thursday, June 30, 2016

Special Guest Speaker

Hi ! I'm Cornelius, new to Chez Whiskeratti. The lady here said that I could do the post today as a guest and if - IF - I do a good job I might be able to do more in the future, and especially to talk about the stuff no one else wants to.

Umm.... wait... not sure about that. I want people out there to LIKE me!!!

So anyway, I'm new here. The Lady here is ok. A bit strange but mostly she leaves me alone. Princess Leia I am TOTALLY scared of. She smacked my snout! I have photographic evidence! And she's totally unrepentant. I stay away from her.

But me and Toby, we're like total besties now.
He's just glad to have another guy around.

Now it's time for my Official News Post:

My very best-est bestie Toby went to the Stabby Place on Monday. He got a Depo shot for his arthritis, to reduce inflammation. It lasts 6 weeks. The Lady will also get some kitteh treats that have Glucosamine and Chondroitin as a joint supplement.

And he's doing pretty well with this treatment. We're all glad to see him moving around more easily. 

But, Toby... Lady, do I REALLY have to say this part? It can't be true! Toby swears it isn't...
ok, she says I gotta if I want to be part of the blog. And I do so I will. Sorry, dude, she's making me.

Toby had a bad time there because he was stuck in the PTU for a long time and got really upset.
He did that hassling thing. He did it last time too. Also, he's down to 15 lbs. He got his ears checked maybe 6 weeks ago and he was just under 16 lbs.

So that's all the news. The Lady says I did a good job so I can come back sometime later.

And now I'm taking a nap right along with my kit-cat pals!
See? I'm just like a cat. I fit in!

We just read about the eviction of Browser the Library Cat. 


    WELL DONE. DON'T WORRY ABOUT Leia she'll is just jealous of your beautiful eyes.
    Toby darlin' we hope your are feeling more like yourself today
    hugs madi your bfff

  2. Well done, Cornelius! I'm not surprised that you and Toby are best buds already - he is one VERY cool kit-cat. We sure hope the Depo shot and the new joint supplement treats give him some relief.
    Leia will come around. Probably. Don't make any sudden moves around her - I've heard that helps. You're probably cool with that one.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  3. Thanks for spreading the word about Browser! BTW, Boodie gets some Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements and I am totally envious!

  4. You did a great job Cornelius. My mum takes Glucosamine and Chondroitin and it helps her a lot. I am glad it is helping Toby.

  5. You are totally like a cat, Cornelius. Thanks for the update on Toby. And don't take Leia's smack personally--it's a girl thing...believe us, we all know.

  6. Hey Cornelius! It's great to meet you. And you did really well with your first post. Tell Toby that we understand about getting mad at the vet. You should see Zoey there. The vet can barely get close to her. Wally gets glucosamine, too.

  7. Hi, Cornelius, you did great job posting! And you do fit right in like a kitty :-)
    I'm so glad Toby is feeling better. I also began to take glucosamine recently, hoping it would help my back. I hope it will work well for him!

  8. Cornelius, it's so nice to meet you! You did a really good job with your post, and we bet you'll get more chances to post in the future. :)

    We are glad Toby is doing okay. We bet the depo and the glucosamine will help lots. They certainly did for our angels Moosey and Sammy.


  9. You did a great job! I am praying for Toby. Did he get his thyroid tested? That would make him lose weight.

  10. Toby...did you get your bloods tested and have they told you about them if you have? ALL my love sweet Toby. And Cornelius, great seeing you.

  11. Welcome, you sure are a handsome guy and I hope we see more of you.

  12. Well hello Cornelius! LOVE your name, by the way. EXCELLENT guest post. Princess Leia gave you the smacky paws? MOUSES! Hmmm... Princesses should be more ladylike, I do believe. Not positive though on account of my three sisters not bein' very ladylike at all. They've given me the smacky-paws more times than I can count. MOUSES!


  13. Hmmm, Cornelius, mes might smacks yous too (mes is not into green neasties) and mes is sending Toby lots of purrs. Mes knows how much arthritis hurts! And going to the Stabby place is the Cat From Hell's HELL!!!
    Oh and me must say...mes gotted Bruce into lots of trouble (Tee! Hee!)