Thursday, June 16, 2016

Garden Thursday and New Stuff Thursday

Are we all here? Good - time for today's Updated Garden Tour:

.... and that's pretty much the entire garden. We hope you didn't get exhausted.

The roses are pretty - except they are fake roses (seriously, we watched mom
take them out of the bag and cut them from the fake rose bouquet)

but that's ok, since they match the fake yellow flower on the right. 

She says that's about all she can manage with gardening.

We haz no comment on this. She's a hoomin, that's all we can say.

Moving on...

Last night she brought in Something New.
So of course I had to go to work making sure it's all done properly.

Did she appreciate the help? NOO!!! Ingrate. Some nonsensical mutterings
about how hard it is to make the bed up with cats on it.

But I stuck it to the end, then went off to rest.

Mom's note:
After all my hard work last year trying to find a good mattress, it wasn't enough, so I added this gel memory foam topper from Serta. Here's a review for anyone who may be thinking of getting one.

I LOVE it. There is a smell, but that will fade eventually. The gel keeps the memory foam from getting hot. It really works. The first hour or so it was actually cold, which was annoying but eventually it warmed to room temperature, but never past that. 

The real reason I got it was my pressure points being so sore. Having this topper showed me it was worse than I realized; it also showed me that when I initially tried to sleep, the pressure would make me turn, thereby making it harder to get to sleep. I had no idea.

What I've learned from my bedding research is this: very few people are truly happy with their mattresses, even if they went high end and expensive. The typical complaint is that it's just too hard.

So yeah, a good topper might be just the answer, and it's a whole lot cheaper.
Serta's come in 1-4 inches. Mine was a 3 inch. It's heavy (queen size, 16 lbs)
and unwieldy though, so you will want a second pair of paws to help.

** this is just my personal purchase and review, for whatever it may benefit someone else.
No compensation whatsoever.


  1. The humans here would probably do well with one of those toppers... not sure if Boodie would like it because that would give her a couple extra inches to jump up!

    1. That does concern me, mostly for Toby. If I have to I will cut out a section at the bottom where he uses the step stool to get on the bed with. So far I don't need to.

    2. Brodie and Binga could use a three step helper for the bed. Admiral had one. So could Toby. They walk right on up.

  2. We just bought a new mattress a few months ago and I LOVE it! I mean I REALLY love it! It's memory foam with a cooling layer in it. I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad bought it just for me. I mean - it IS a queen-size, so it has to be -- right?
    I've trained our mom to be able to change the sheets with me on the bed.

  3. Toby, looks like you did an excellent job of snoopervising! My current problem is finding a good pillow!

  4. Humans are just so hard to please when it comes to sleeping, aren't they? We can sleep anywhere, why can't they? Oh, and we like the garden a lot. Our mom was known to use fakes when we had a backyard at the house. She has a black thumb for everything but weeds.

  5. Our peeps need a new mattress desperately but they just don't wanna deal with going to the mattress store. The mom thought about getting one of those toppers, but she says they really need a new mattress first.

  6. Beings garden as best they can, and some better than others.

    TBT and we love our heated waterbed, in case that gives you any thoughts.

  7. Thank you for the garden tour. Your mom manage it much better than I do :-) And thank you for the info about mattress! I sure look into it. Toby, you are such a good helper. You deserve more appreciation from your mom!

  8. Mom loves your brick pretty. Brick is an NC product and we always love seeing it.
    OMCs you got a new mattress will you share with the human?
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. You did a good job snoopervising the new mattress topper. It looks very comfy.

  10. MY mommy bought a 4 inch one and the human braver and his wife had to come over and help get it unpacked and opened and onto the bed. I will tell you this, My mom laid down that night (she does;t have gel though) and said it was like being on a cloud. She used to turn like she was on a rotisserie! Every half hour I swear as she always disturbed me! Her hip joints hurt, knee joints. shoulder and elbows for pity sakes, On that pad, she stays in one place most all the night. Only turning about 5 am to the other side. Me..I sleep on it all over and it is THE best thing I ever slept on. Mom knew her pressure points were making her turn but after that 4" sleep EVER!

  11. That sounds like a great topper. I have a cheap foam topper on the spare bed and I love it- I actually like it when my hubby snores so I can leave and go sleep on that bed. Kitties are so helpful with bed making. Nice garden tour- I wouldn't have noticed any fake flowers.

  12. Our garden is a window box which sits on a step ladder, that is full of herbs, a tomato plant and a big pot full of flowers! But that's cuz its a balcony!
    And thanks for the topper review! I am looking for something and this sounds like it might be the right answer.
    Nellie's Mom

  13. We got a new mattress a few years ago, and as long as we remember to rotate it each month, it's great. So glad your topper is working out so well. :)

    Oh, and we're guessing that garden is drought-resistant, eh? ;)

  14. We have something like that and they really do make a difference!
    Have a super weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  15. Well, getting a good bed is really important but I can't see why your being on the bed itself would impair the process. You were helping, no? So glad you visited us and I shall visit you encore.
    A tres bientot (French for see you soon I hope)

  16. Glad to hear you're gettin' some much needed rest on your new mattress topper. We's tried a tyoe of gel befur and mommy didn't like it at all, but she's thought 'bout givin' da new ones a try. And you must always be happy with da kitty help. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  17. Peep #1 really likes your brick patio/walkway in the garden. I do, too. Bet it's lovely for rollin' around on, for sure.